Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Making Sense Out of Everything

There's just two words that I have for you - Street Sense.

Emerging from the dirt and muck to pick off horses one at a time, he came from 19th place to win the Kentucky Derby, breaking one jinx and hoping to break a few more.

But that's what people are still questionable about. Can this remarkable colt win it all? He broke the curse of the Juvenile and Two Year Old Champ winning the Kentucky Derby. Now, can he become the next Triple Crown winner?

It's a question that many people ask, a burden that every Kentucky Derby winner carries into the Preakness - and a few are lucky enough to carry it into the Belmont come June. Street Sense (Street Cry - Bedazzle, by Dixieland Band) took this responsibility and burden when he was blanketed with those red roses.

In my personal opinion, the Preakness Stakes is going to be the big question. To have come from so far behind the pace and take the Kentucky Derby, he had to have been on. I'm not sure if he can duplicate that performance, which is what he will have to do to win the second jewel of the Triple Crown. I hope that he can because the sport needs it.

But it's like being in the middle of a desert. When you go so long without water in a draught, you learn to do without it and dismiss the real thing as a mirage. Then again, you also have lots and lots of mirages that come across you in your thirsty state.

One day, the racing world's thirst for a Triple Crown winner will be quenched again - of this I'm sure.

It's just a matter of time - and luck.

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